Dissemination workshop for GTTI Tracer Survey of 2015-2016 Graduates

The Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI) has just completed a tracer survey of its 2015-2016 graduates.The project has been developed under the aegis of the Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) funded by the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa and implemented by the International Trade Centre (ITC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment (MOTIE) and the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MOYS) of the Republic of The Gambia. The main goal of the survey was to use evidence based methods to assess the effectiveness of GTTI’s training programmes and thus identify how the Institute can improve on the quality of its courses and services to students and employers. The findings indicate that although graduates rate GTTI programmes as having average to good level of effectiveness, a combined 81.07% of graduates would however, like to see improvements in the frequency and quality of practical lesson sessions, quality of lecturers, quality of learning facilities,and other study conditions at the Institute.When paid jobs and entreprenurship are compared as employment options, the findings  indicate that  majority (over 80%) of GTTI graduates study to gain paid employment. However,more than half of these   find  work between six  and twenty four months  after graduation. The resulting insight on these  employability challenges provides justification for regular use of tracer surveys as effective tools for  monitoring  the labour market outomes of  graduates and the overall effectiveness of GTTI  training programmes .

For enquiries, please contact: GTTI Tracer Study Team @ gttits2018@gmail.com, Phone:  +220 4377025, +220 7350500, +220 6863242, +220 9911804, +220 2486445, +220 3490576 or www.facebook.com/gttitracer.study.3

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