Senior Management Team

 Management of the Institute

The Management of the Institute is headed by the Director General who is the Chief Executive appointed by the Board of Governors in consultation with the Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology. The Director General is assisted by two Directors in the administration of the Institute (Academics and Administration and Finance) both appointed by the Board. In addition to the Directors, there is also the Registrar and the Chief Accountant who forms the Senior Management Team (SMT) and a Management Team consisting of all the Heads of Departments constituted by the Board to assist the Director General in the execution of her duties.

Director General

Mrs. Jahou S. Faal


Mobile: +220 9901838
Office Phone: 4392781


Director of Academic
Mr. Edward Mansal


Mobile: +220 9902853 / 7092155
Office Phone: 4392841

Director of Admin. and Finance
Mr. Badou G. Loum


Mobile: +220 7027002 / 3904225
Office Phone: +220 4374521

Mr. Alieu B. Saine


Mobile: 9950724 / 2000172
Office Phone: +220 4374521

Chief Accountant
Mrs. Mariama Jaiteh Jarju


Mobile: +220 9871139
Office Phone: +220 4393319

 Deputy Registrar / Human Resources Manager

Mr. Kemo Bah


Mobile: +220 3755185 / 9997441