GTTI-Tracer Study 2018

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Welcome To GTTI’s 2018 Tracer Study Page

This study is a joint initiative of GTTI and its funding partners, ITC and the European Union. Tracer studies are an important instruments in improving skills matches and the transition from school to work. Overall, the study would enable GTTI to improve on the quality of its programmes, enhance graduate employability and bridge any gap between its courses and labour market requirements. So, your participation is highly valued and appreciated. The target group for the 2018 tracer study is the 2015/2016 graduates only.

The objectives of the tracer study are to:

  1. Measure the labour market outcomes of 2014-2016 graduates of GTTI;
  2. Assess the effectiveness of the training programmes;
  3. Understand the employability of TVET graduates from GTTI;
  4. Evaluate how access, quality, and relevance of TVET programs contribute to employability of 
graduates; and
  5. Inform potential for future program design.

How to access the survey

  • In order to access the survey, you need your GTTI’s student number as your unique identification number (UIN).If you have forgotten your number, please contact the tracer study help desk on 4399685 or 4377025 or E-mail:
  • With your PIN, Click here to access the survey.
  • Log-in by entering you student identification number
  • Alternatively, you may choose to participate in the survey via telephone interviews.
  • contact tracer study help desk on
    phone: +2204399685 or +2204377025
    or on Facebook

 Frequently asked questions (FAQs):