Computer & Infor. Technology



Overview of the Department

In the Computing Department, students learn an array of skills to be able to provide a general systemic support to PCs especially in the areas of networking, engineering and software applications to the dream of every manager of a modern computer system.  Our well equipped computer labs serve the computing needs of all students and provide access to network services. We operate on packages such as Window Applications, Microsoft Office, Auto CAD, Programming Languages and many more.


Course Provision

The following courses are offered at the Department:


Item No. Programmes Duration
 1.  Certificate in Software Application (SWC)  1 Year
 2.  Technician Certificate in Information Processing (IPC)  1 Year
 3.  Certificate in Computer Engineering (CCE)  1 Year
 5.  Diploma in Software Application (SWD)  1 Year
 6.  Technician Diploma in Information Processing (IPD)  1 Year
 7.  Higher National Diploma in Computer Science (HND)  2 Years


Contact: Mrs. Fatou Sowe Ceesay
Phone: 9948660 /2323606


New Courses

Web Page Design 3 months – 4500.00

Power Point Presentation (PPP) Graphics 3 months – 4500.00

Desktop Publishing / Corel draw 3 months / Photoshop – 4500.00